Olivia Newton-John's secret of eternal youth is happiness with her hubby

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London, Nov 14 : Hollywood actress Olivia Newton-John, who just celebrated her 60th birthday, has revealed her secret to staying so young-looking -her recent marriage.

Newton, who has gone through a lot, including cancer, divorce, the disappearance of her partner and her daughter's anorexia, married health guru John Easterling, 56, in June this year in a mountaintop ceremony in Peru.

"I guess I'm lucky, genetically, I'm like my mum and she looked great right up until her death in 1989," The Mirror quoted Newton, as saying.

"But I think the real secret is that I am very, very happy. I have a wonderful new husband and we're very compatible. I'm having the best time and I'm in a great place emotionally," she added.

Newton and her current husband met 15 years ago through mutual friends.

Olivia's dog had just had puppies and she gave one to John. Then, two years ago, he turned up at one of her shows and brought the dog, who's now 13 and called Sherlock.

"I loved the dog and then I grew to love John," Newton said.

"John and I are so well matched and have so much in common. He makes me smile all the time and that's so important," Newton added.

Sherlock also plays a part in helping Olivia stay young and fit, as taking him for walks around their Florida neighbourhood is part of her daily fitness regime.

"I try to do something each day that involves getting out in nature," says Olivia.

"Walking Sherlock is perfect. I play tennis and go to the gym three or four times a week, too. I feel great and certainly don't worry about being 60. It's just a number.

"I feel alive, fit and active. I have no plans for retirement. My only concession to getting a little older is that I like to have a cat-nap in the afternoon. After that, I can push on through anything," she added.

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