Groundnut, oil, RBD palm oil down

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Mumbai, Nov 14 (UNI) The downslide in prices of groundnut, its oil and RBD palm oil continued today on poor offtake by stockists, traders at the Bombay Commodity Exchange said.

In oilseeds (per quintal), groundnut and castorseed Bombay fell by Rs 25 per quintal each on lack of fresh demand by stockists.

Javas 60/70 and javas 70/80 also reduced by Rs 25 and Rs 50 per quintal respectively on sustained heavy selling pressure by bulk conusmers.

In oils (per ten kg), RBD palm oil and sunflower exp declined by Rs 11 and Rs 5 per ten kg respectively on poor demand along with discouraging advice from global centres.

Sunflower exp and cottonseed refined edged down by Rs 20 and Rs 15 per ten kg respectively amid thin buyng support.

In de-oiled, undec cottonseed was down by 400 per metric tonne, traders added.

Following are the spot rates of oilseeds (all figures in Rupees), as provided by the Bombay Commodity Exchange here.

Oilseeds per quintal Oils per 10 kg Grd' kernel 2,925 Grd' Bold 60/70 3,680 G Nut Raw 585.00, Javas 60/70 4,275 Javas 70/80 4,065 Javas 80/90 3,975 Kardi (Export Qly) 3,100 Kardi expeller 880 Sesameseed: Seasame Expeller 730 Sunflower Exp 585 Whitish (98/2/ffa) 6,500 Sunflower Exp Ref 620 Whitish (95/5/ffa) 6,300 Cottonseed (Refined) 415 Brown (48/2/2) 4,850 Refined Palm Oil 304 Soyabeen Ref 423 Rapeseed Ref 635 Rapeseed Exp 600 Copra white 630 Brown (48/3) ) 4,625 Rice Bran 4-7 FFA 368 Rice Bran 305 Linseed 615 Castor Comm 665 F.S.G. 675 F.S.G. Kandla 640 Mowra 350 Neem 500 Karanji 390 Deoiled cakes (per MT) G N Extr 45 pc 14,875 Kardi Extr 6,400 Undec Cottonseed Extr 11,300, Brown 48/4 4,225 Rice Bran Extr 6,400, Sunflowerseed 2,700, Sunflower extr 10,900, Rapeseed N T, Rapeseed extr 10,400, Soyameal 48 pc..14,450 Nigerseed-4 4,010 Castorseed Bombay 3,175 Castor extra 5,150 Castorseed Disa 2,900 Castorseed Hyderabad 2,950 UNI NV OBB SKB1739

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