Cong alleges links between SIMI, IM and Sangh affiliates

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New Delhi, Nov 14 (UNI) The Congress today said the reported ''revelation'' that the Malegoan blast was outsourced threw up a possibility of links between Muslim terror groups like Indian Mujaheedin and SIMI and Sangh Parivar inspired Hindu Jagran Manch, Abinav Bharat and other organisations, which needed to be investigated by a multi disciplinary task force.

''The Centre should also set up a inquiry commission, headed by a sitting Supreme Court judge, to find out whether organisations like the mililary training school of terror were trying to neutralise the governance structure of the country,'' Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari told reporters.

He, however, clarified that the Congress was not for the winding up of the anti-terror squads, but wanted a multi disciplinary task force and the inquiry commission to complement the ATSs to look into the issues, the revelation had thrown up.

''The ATSs have done a commendable job, but the issues go beyond the current investigation,'' he said.

Suggesting a link between Malegaon blast and other terror attacks, he said if the Malegaon blast was outsourced, there could be a possibility that Delhi, Varanasi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bangalore and Ahmedabad terror strikes were also the result of outsourcing.

''Are there any linkages between the Indian Mujaheedin and SIMI and various organisations inspired by the Sangh Parivar such as Hindu Jagran Manch, Jai Vande Mataram, Jankalyan Samiti and Abhnav Bharat,'' he asked.

He said the task force and the commission should also look into the possibility that the masterminds and financers of the various terrorist outrages in the country could be different from the executioners.

He said the revelation had also thrown up the possibility that there could be forward and backward linkages of the Malegaon blast.

''Does the conspiracy to perpetrate and outsource the Malegaon terror strike remain at the fringe or does it go deep into the heart of the Sangh Parivar,'' he said and pointed to ''incontrovertible'' evidence that RSS activists had been killed making bombs in Cheruvancherry (Kerala), Nanded (Maharashtra) and Kanpur (UP).

''It is also no secret that the BJP has no compunctions in giving Assembly tickets to leaders who have clear linkages with the alleged terrorists,'' the Congress spokesman said and alleged the BJP of ''double standards'' on the issue of terror.

''Could the trail lead back to those who would politically benefit and have left no stone unturned to make terrorism an issue and create a climate of fear and terror in the country?'' He said the BJP would have to answer why it was attempting to supress the investigations into the Modasa blasts.

''Is it becasue it would throw up more damning material about the involvement of activists linked to the Sangh Parivar,'' he said.


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