Meet the 'real-life Hulk' who needs a dose of 15 bonks everyday!

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London, Nov 13 : A man, touted as the 'real-life Hulk', has claimed that his super-human strength equals 260 horsepower or 30,000 men, which requires him to go for at least 15 romping sessions in a day.

Sayyed Muhammad said that the 'gift' of strength endowed upon him by god makes humongous tasks, like lifting cars, pulling trains and snapping coins in half, look like a cakewalk for him. The man, who is father to 35 kids, claims that the 'gift' has even made him a sex maniac, and he needs it at least fifteen times a day.

Sayyed has claimed that he manages to do all this without even having gone to sleep in his entire life.

While discussing his mighty muscle, Sayyed said that he doesn't like showcasing them in front of people.

"I try to conceal it. I don't like to display it. I don't want people to be afraid of me or feel bad because I am strong and they are not," the Sun quoted him as saying.

He boasted that he has to stay out of work, and a simple handshake with another man would "break your fingers". In fact, he claimed that his dad's strength was far more than his own, saying: "My strength equals 260 horsepower but my dad's strength was 840 horsepower. A regular human being doesn't even come close to one horsepower."

Sayyed revealed that he divides his sex time with his four wives everyday, but has denied that it's not his fault.

He said: "I must have sex with my wives 15 times a's all in my medical report."

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