Austrian TV commentator claims Obama unfit to rule

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Washington, Nov.8 : An Austrian television commentator has claimed that Barack Obama is unfit to rule because he is black.

Klaus Emmerich declared: "I do not want the western world being directed by a black man. And, if you say this is a racist remark, I say you are damn right it is."

Emmerich, 80, covered the American presidential campaign for Austria's state broadcaster ORF - who are refusing to sack him.

He made his outrageous remarks in a newspaper interview, claiming the US election result was "a highly disturbing development" because "blacks are not as far advanced in the civilization process nor in their political progress".

He described Obama, 47, as a "talented man but a branded man" and said the president-elect had "a devil-like talent to present his rhetoric so effectively".

It was the second race row to flare in Europe after Italy's premier, Silvio Berlusconi, 72, praised Obama for his "suntan".

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