Obama's victory seen as 'beginning of new world'

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{image-Barack Obama_07112008.jpg news.oneindia.in}Washington, Nov 7 : People around the world rejoiced Barack Obama's victory on Tuesday, even as workers at a pan-Arab news channel went around the newsroom congratulating each other as if Obama were their president-elect, and Kenya, the birthplace of Obama's father declared Thursday, Nov 6 as a holiday.

According to a Fox News report, Obama's election set off international celebrations and ignited fervor for the US that has been unseen since the 9/11 attacks. To some observers, the international reaction has elevated America's president-elect to an unparalleled post: President of the world, added the report. In Indonesia, children danced at the school Obama attended when he was a young boy, embracing him as much for what he represents abroad as for the policies he advocates at home.

The report said that America's popularity abroad waned dramatically during the Bush administration, and some voters expressed hopes that in electing Obama they could restore the country's image. The wave of good feelings since Tuesday night suggests that even before taking office, Obama has made substantial inroads.

"This may be the beginning of a new world. It marks the end of old elites and opens the door for new approaches worldwide," an Israeli man in his mid-50s said in Tel Aviv.

"The standing of everybody in the world is going to be affected by what President Obama does or doesn't do," said Mead, noting that all eyes will be looking to the new president for a way out of the global financial crisis.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a historic break from tradition, congratulated Obama Thursday, Nov 6 for his win. This was the first time when an Iranian leader had welcomed an incoming US President since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.


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