Taunts will only make Hamilton stronger, says his father

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London, Nov.4 : Formula One world champ Lewis Hamilton's father Antony has warned that any abuse and taunts hurled in his son's direction will only make him more determined and stronger in his quest for more world titles.

In two seasons Hamilton, 23, has created a host of new records and is now the youngest ever F1 world champion.

According to the Daily Express, he has stirred mixed reactions for his colour, his driving and his self-confidence.

Hamilton's father, Anthony, spoke of the strains of fame.

"Personally I have thought that maybe this is not the place for us to be. I have never said it to Lewis - you just go home and think, 'I didn't think the world was like this'," he said.

"You send him a text saying, 'Whatever it is, people love you'. As a parent you always want to make sure you do right for your kids, look after your family - and my family has taken a lot of stick this week and in the past few months," he added.

"I did think maybe this is not the place for my family. But at the end of the day we come here and do a decent job, we deserve to be here. We are here for the good of the sport, for the good of the world. People who like us, that is great. People who don't like us, I am sad for them. Maybe God will forgive them but, at the end of the day, we are decent people and will remain decent people," he said.

"I don't understand it myself. I don't believe it is a racist thing in all honesty. If it is, then I don't understand it. I don't think it is just me that is shocked, I think everyone is shocked," he added.

"It is a sport to be enjoyed by everyone. It doesn't matter where you come from, what colour you are or what your background is, it is a sport and many people enjoy it. I don't read negative stuff. It is just the vibes you get. The booing in the crowd here [Brazil] is maybe something we might not have done in the UK but there we are," the Daily Express quoted him, as saying.

Anthony accepts that huge commercial opportunities beckon but says money is not their true desire.

"We still live in the same house, Lewis has not bought a house, he hasn't bought anything expensive. It does not motivate us," he said.

"When we first started, I was earning 14,000 pounds a year and spent 16,000 pounds on a mortgage. Then this karting thing happened with no idea of doing anything with it. Just a nice way to enjoy it and pass the time on a Saturday. We didn't have any money, I didn't have a good job, we struggled as a family and I just thought the best I can do is make Lewis a decent young man so that he could do well at school and maybe do business studies and get an office job," he said.

A Lewis Hamilton Foundation will be created and Anthony said: "We don't want to hand out money, we want to give things people need."


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