Astrologer predicts troubled times for Brangelina, Madge in 2009

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Melbourne, November 3 : A new horoscope book predicts trouble for Hollywood's star couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2009, legal problems for Nicole Kidman, a break from romance for Madonna, and "unusual behaviour" from Aussie Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

The 2009 Horoscope book has been written by's Dadhichi Toth.

The author said that astrology charts for 2009 showed that many of the rich and famous personalities might have to face everyday problems like the rest of the people.

"These celebrities are not personal clients... (but) there's no difference between them and everyday people. You expect most of these high profile performers and entertainers will be super-concerned with their careers. But when it comes down to it, it's about relationships," quoted Dadhichi as saying.

"Look at Nicole Kidman's chart: her moon, which rules the emotions and general affairs of life, is in the weakest part of the cycle - it's debilitated. When the moon is like that it shows the person is not all that happy with themselves.

"Up to 2009 around June these stresses and strains will still be there. This role she's playing in Australia must not be an easy one for her, although she's a brilliant actress.

"It's the same sort of deal for Madonna. What's she's undergoing now - when Saturn is retrogressing - does indicate she may think she's out of the woods with Guy Ritchie. But there's a lot of other problems (yet) to come up and it may affect her physical health as well," Dadhichi added.

Dadhichi's horoscope books are published by Harlequin, and are available in each star sign.

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