David Schwimmer quashes 'Friends' movie claims

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London, November 2 : David Schwimmer, who shot to fame after playing 'Ross Geller' in the immensely popular sitcom 'Friends', has dismissed rumours claiming a movie adaptation of the hit series.

The 42-year-old held the media responsible for perpetrating speculations that the 'Friends' cast would reunite for one last time to star in its film version.

However, the 'Nothing But The Truth' actor insisted that such reunion plans were never on the cards.

"I'd like to say in regard to the rumours that - I think are only perpetuated by the press - there's never been any talk of a Friends film, at least as far as I know," the Daily Star quoted him as telling the Parade magazine.

"The series is definitely not a part of my daily consciousness until either a fan comes up or I'm asked about it in some interview. It is like having a relative visit because it's been more than four years since really we all were in the same room even," he added.

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