Our personalities do influence our voting choices

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Washington, November 1 : A new American study has shown that people's personalities actually govern their voting choices.

John Mayer, professor of psychology at the University of New Hampshire, says that people's preferences like social stability or social change divide them into liberals and conservatives.

"Our votes are an expression not only of which candidates are best - the Republicans, Democrats, or those candidates of another party - but also of our own way of perceiving and thinking about the world and what is good or bad about it. Our personal perceptions and thoughts in this area (and others) have been shaped over time within our personalities," he says.

Since personality is interior and private, according to Mayor, people create mental models of the world that guide their preferences of certain social features.

He says that it is such personality preferences that people generally influence whether a person is a liberal or a conservative.

Mayor has published more than 100 articles, chapters, books and psychological tests, including his most recent book, "Personality: A Systems Approach".


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