NC releases 52-page vision doc for JK polls

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Srinagar, Oct 31: Believing that restoration of Autonomy in its pristine form was the only viable solution to the Kashmir issue, the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (NC), however, said it was ready to accept any better solution acceptable to the people of the state.

The NC promised to attract private sector investment in every field, rehabilitation of militancy affected people, zero tolerance in Human Rights (HR) violations, war against corruption, employment to unemployed youths in government jobs and private sectors, improvement in power sector and industrial development.

The 52-page document in English said if elected to power in the state, the NC will try to convince those who have taken recourse to violence and intimidation as means to achieve their goal, that the lessons of history are very clear that all social, political discords are resolved ultimately by discourse and dialogue.

The vision document, which was released by the NC patron Dr Farooq Abdullah, his son and party president Omar Abdullah in the presence of senior leaders, without naming separatists said all parties in the state, must accept the reality that the solution to the Kashmir problem can be found only through sustained dialogue between all stake holders.

It said the NC will hold elections to all panchayats and fully support them to discharge their functions as envisaged in the Act.

It also promised rehabilitation of militancy affected people.

The NC said there are many people detained in jails who could lead normal and productive lives if they are released. ''We shall review the cases of all detenues and set free all those who are not hardened criminals and who have had a change of heart and mind,'' the document said adding the NC will also try to create conditions for the safe return of those youth who were led astray by temptation and indoctrination to the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and who now sincerely and honestly want to return to their homes and settle down as law abiding citizens.

About Kashmiri migrants living in different parts of the country, including Jammu, the NC said their return to the Valley was vital for strengthening the secular ethos of Kashmir.

''We will do our best to create a political and social environment in the Valley which will encourage the Kashmiri migrants to return and settle permanently in their place of birth.'' The document besides promising to provide jobs to unemployed youths in the government and private sectors said it will give stipend to unemployed doctors and engineers.

It also promises good governance, panchayat raj and local self government, planning mechanism, private sector investment in the state, measures to boost industrial development, power sector, tourism, agriculture, horticulture, hill development councils for far flung areas, balanced development of all three regions of the state and women empowerment.


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