Hamilton's handicapped brother inspires him to Formula One glory

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London, Oct 27 : A humble wheelchair symbolises Lewis Hamilton's quest for Formula One immortality.

The 23-year-old British superstar bids to become the youngest world champion in the sport's history in Brazil next Sunday.

He will do so in his powerful 200mph McLaren-Mercedes. But it is a powerless four-wheeled single-seater that represents the inspiration behind his spectacular surge to glory.

It belongs to his handicapped younger brother Nic, who suffers from cerebral palsy, but who Hamilton regards as his driving force.

"I am nothing compared to Nic. I am in awe of him when I am around him. Everyone notices him when he walks into a room. He is my inspiration," said Hamilton.

Hamilton actually sits in his 16-year-old brother's wheelchair when they play basketball together on the makeshift court at their family home in Hertfordshire just to get some idea of what it feels like to be handicapped.

He added: "I feel so blessed that I have been born with no problems. I love the body and the life I have been given. I am blessed. In his life Nic can't do the same things I can. He can't get in the car and drive it like I can."

"He can't play football, basketball or tennis properly but we work around it. When we play basketball, sometimes we will play in a wheelchair together or I will give myself a handicap," he said. "But he never likes me to be handicapped. He wants me to be exactly the same. So it is hard for Nic as I win at everything when we play together. I am such a competitor I never let him win at anything, even though I should. He might fall, but he gets back up and just keeps pushing and he is always smiling," Hamilton said. Hamilton showed the world the special bond that exists between the pair after last Sunday's Chinese Grand Prix victory which put Lewis seven points clear of his nearest title challenger, Ferarri's Felipe Massa.

Nic was the first person Hamilton embraced after leaping out of his car in the winner's enclosure before sharing his victory moment with his mother Carmen Lockhart and his stepmum Linda.

Lewis also gave Nic his cherished winner's trophy after his first Monaco Grand Prix victory earlier this season.

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