Similarities between media coverage of Palin and Ferraro uncovered

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Washington, October 26 : An ongoing study by members of "the Palin Watch" at The University of Alabama suggests that the media coverage given to the first Republican vice-presidential candidate is quite similar to that received by her Democratic counterpart Geraldine Ferraro, who became the first ever female candidate representing a major party in 1984.

The study has revealed that the candidacies of both Sarah Palin and Ferraro were framed around their questionable experience, their selection as a political stunt, and their selection as a gamble.

Both women were discussed in terms of their questionable experience, perhaps, because both were relative unknowns on the national stage, according to the researchers.

While the Washington Post observed in 1984 that Ferraro compared poorly with other House representatives of her generation, the Sunday New York Times this year noted individuals and groups that cited Palin's lack of experience.

Both women were also discussed as token stunts to appease particular voting demographics, say the researchers.

The media also referred to both choices as a political gamble as opposed to a positive, bold stroke.

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