Venables believes Roo is a quiter version of Gazza

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London, Oct.18 : Former England football team manager and Chelsea star Terry Venables believes that both Wayne Rooney and Paul Gascoigne are similar in their playing styles in more ways than one, and wonders whether the former can cope with all the hype and expectations created by his talent. But he says that unlike Gazza, Roo is more of an introvert.

In an article for The Sun, Venables says he always found Rooney to be a polite, respectful young man. "He's not the sort of bloke who seeks the limelight. You'll never see him courting publicity or willingly volunteering to talk to the media. Yet, he's relaxed and confident when he's with his pals and can be the joker in that group. Gazza was very similar in many ways, but much more of an extrovert. He hogged the whole show ... on and off the pitch," said Venables. "He wanted to make everyone laugh and be loved by everyone. Rooney is happy just being accepted by his colleagues," he adds. Lauding Rooney for handling his fame very well, Venables said: "Players don't like big-heads and Rooney gives far more back to the group than he takes from it." "Wayne's work ethic is not just impressive, it's startling. In fact, some people believe he works too hard, particularly in areas of the pitch where he's not supposed to be. But the fact is he can handle that workload and it doesn't detract from his effectiveness. He's not happy unless he feels he's pulling his weight," Venables said. He said that the reason for his resurgence is because he's fit, healthy and enjoying a regular run of games.

"His partnership with Emile Heskey is really blossoming and that's because they're not selfish. They are both just as happy to set up a team mate as they are to stick the ball in the net themselves. With the players Fabio Capello has in his squad, England have seven or eight potential scorers," Venables said.

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