Igor Vovkovinskiy: Obama's biggest supporter

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Minnesota, Oct 17: Meet Igor Vovkovinskiy's with his favourite T-shirt proclaiming he is the 'World's Biggest OBAMA Supporter.' Being 7 feet 8 inches tall makes him the world's tallest Barack Obama supporter for whom he cheers for in the upcoming US Presidential race. "My shirt is my small way, 'my big small way' to help get Barack Obama elected," said Vovkovinskiy.

Vovkovinskiy has pituitary gigantism and his mother brought him from their home in Ukraine in 1989 to get medical treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He is now a US citizen. Two surgeries saved his life but failed to stop his growth. Now at 26 he finished growing and has learned to be philosophical about his size, also funny. "Life is Short, I'm Not," his business card says. "I'm 7'8". I have size 25 shoes. My weight is none of your business. So stop asking questions." Vovkovinskiy volunteers at Obama election headquarters where he works five or six hours a day answering the phone, handing out campaign literature, keeping up a database and talking to lots of people. "I like to talk to people who have the same common sense I do," he explained. "I love hearing their ideas and excitement that there might finally be change." His work station, assembled to suit his size, includes a sturdy oak chair custom-built by an Amish craftsman. He delights in attending political rallies where he can use his height to promote his candidate. "Whenever I have a chance I like to hold up an Obama sign," he said. "And when I hold up a sign, it's 10 feet in the air."

Barack Obama has yet to meet his biggest supporter. But Michelle Obama, in a rally at Rochester spotted Vovkovinskiy in the crowd.

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