DNA test confirms Anand Jon had sex with an alleged victim

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Los Angeles, Oct 17 : A court hearing Indian fashi?on desig?ner Anand Jon's multiple sexual assault case was told that DNA tests had confirmed that he had had intercourse with one of his alleged victims.

Sheri?ff's Depar?tment? senio?r crimi?nalis?t Leard?en Mathi?es told juror?s that semen? trace?s on a tampo?n worn by alleg?ed victi?m Jessi?e B match?ed Jon's? DNA, reports LA Weekly.

However, the Jon's attorney got the crimi?nalis?t to admit that his DNA testimony only suggested that a sexua?l encou?nter had occur?red,? not necessaril?y that it had been the resul?t of rape.?

The 34-year-old was originally indicted on 59 counts in September last year. But most of the charges against him have been dropped.

His charges included, rape, sexual exploitation of a child, sexual battery and forcible oral copulation.

Jon has denied the allegations. If convicted, he faces the possibility of life imprisonment.


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