BJP laments destruction of low cost airlines

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New Delhi, Oct 17 (UNI) Stating that the Aviation industry was in deep turmoil, the BJP today lamented that the crocodile tears of the UPA Government will not hide the fact that it systematically allowed consolidation of monopolistic forces and destruction of the low cost airlines, an 'NDA's gift' to the country.

Commenting on developments in the Aviation Industry resulting in the firing and rehiring of 1900 employees of Jet Airlines, BJP spokesman and a Civil Aviation Minister in the previous NDA regime Rajiv Pratap Rudy said what had been happening during the UPA regime was consolidation of monopolies -- merger and devouring of low cost Deccan Air and Air Sahara by Kingfisher and Jet Air respectively.

Now the two big airlines are wanting to consolidate their stranglehold to fleece the passengers and throw the employees on the street. The airline may have reversed its order in the face of opposition and impending elections but the uncertain atmosphere still dangles over the heads of the aviation sector employees, he said. Air India, the national carrier was in deep red and in no position to remain healthy.

Mr Rudy said it was a 'black day' for the aviation sector when the Civil Aviation minister wants to wash his hands off by terming the sacking of thousands of workers as an 'HR problem' concerning a private airlines.

He said the UPA Government was contemplating a bail out package to the Aviation Industry. Any bail out package should be linked to assurance of affordable tickets and secure employment for the employees.

The Left parties cannot distance themselves from the crippling effect dealt on low cost airlines and national carrier because they were part and parcel to the decisions taken by the UPA government.

What is happening in the aviation sector is merely the tip of the iceberg and more such annoucements are in the offing when the software and BPO call centres send off the employees to the streets as part of the global meltdown, he said.


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