Absolut Vodka files case against Absolute Radio

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Mumbai, Oct 13 (UNI) Owners of premier Swedish vodka brand 'Absolut Vodka' has filed legal proceedings against 'Absolute Radio' -- the rebranded Virgin Radio -- for trademark infringement, saying, ''It could be damaging to its vodka brand and the similarity of the names will confuse consumers.'' In a release, beverage company Vin &Spirit (V&S), owner of the Absolut Vodka, said they have issued a writ against Absolute Radio for infringement of its trademark and ''passing off'' its services as those of Absolut and is seeking for the revocation of the current radio station name by Absolute Radio International, which was registered in 2003.

''The reason for this is that we consider there is a risk of confusion. We have a well-known brand and there is an obvious risk of confusion between Absolut vodka and Absolute Radio,'' confirms V&S Vin&Sprit spokeswoman.

An 'Absolute Radio' spokesperson said, ''We absolutely believe that the two brands can exist alongside each other and that our five million listeners can distinguish between a vodka brand and a radio station. We hope for a swift resolution to this situation and remain 100 per cent committed to our exciting plans for Absolute Radio.'' Virgin Radio was renamed as 'Absolute Radio' on September 30, some months after its takeover from SMG by the Times of India subsidiary TIML, as the Virgin brand reverted to its owner Richard Branson.


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