9 MW electricity daily for powerful Lord Venkateshwara

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Tirupati, Oct 6: Brahmotsavam for Lord Venkateshwara is proving very costly indeed! But, this is nothing to worry about for the God Of Seven Hiills, as he is considered as World's Richest God. Rich illuminations being an integral part of festivities in big places of worship, the world famous Tirupati temple is consuming 9 MW power everyday during the ongoing Brahmotsavam festival.

Iluminations adorn the main roads, junctions, galleries in front of the temple, the four mada streets, the bus stand and the entrance to Tirumala atop the seventh hill. The bright and colourful illuminations depict Lord Venkateswara in various forms and the 'Dashavatarams'--the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu in Hindu mythology. Most attractive of the illuminations is that of Lord Vishnu reclining on 'Adishesha'-the five headed snake, with his consort Lakshmi before the temple. The pilgrims have been admiring it with reverence. Lord Venkateswara is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The other illuminations include Lord Ganesha, Sri Krishna in his discourse of the philosophical 'Bhagavad Geeta' to Pandava prince Arjuna in the epic Mahabharata, Vishnu in his incarnation of 'Varaha'. The wall surrounding the temple has illumination in the shape of 'Garuda'--eagle, the 'vahana' of the Lord.

The temples and main thoroughfares in Tirupati town and TTD buildings have also been illuminated richly.


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