Naidu dares Congress to impose President Rule in Orissa

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New Delhi, Oct 6 (UNI) Launching a high-decibel broadside against the Congress-led UPA Government, the BJP today challenged the Manmohan Singh Government to impose President's rule in Orissa or even Karnataka and face the consequences.

"We condemn the selective condemnation by the Centre. Their disinformation campaign against the BJP will not work. Let them dare invoke article 356 in Orissa,or in Karnataka. Don't threat us with invoking article 355. We are least bothered. Do it at your own peril," senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu asserted.

He said the Manmohan Singh Government and also the Congress were provoking the people by their statement to keep up public frenzy rather than supplementing the Orissa Government's effort to contain violence. "We condemn all kinds of violence by any people irrespective of religious affiliations. But some of central ministers are blaming only one community without knowing full facts about the problem. We condemn this attitude of the Congress," he said.

The BJP Vice President had even gone to the extent of naming a Congress MP in Orissa of fomenting violence. The Congress had already lost ground in many states and if it did not change its attitude the people would further teach them a bitter lesson, he thundered, adding why the Congress did not take such a posture in the case of Assam where thousands of Hindi speaking people were terrorised and rendered homeless.

"We have never justified attacks on Christians and Churches. The state governments are taking action against the culprits. But at the same time we are also against forced conversions," he said, advocating a national debate on the issue of conversions.

In reply to a question whether he would support a national anti-conversion law, Mr Naidu replied in the affirmative but said it must be formulated only after a national debate and through a consensus on the issue. Alleging a lot of foreign money was being spent on conversions, he said even the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was against it.

According to Mr Naidu, the cause of violence in Karnataka was an evangelical organisation New Life which had continuously been denigrating Hindu Gods and Goddesses in their publications.

Similarly, in Orissa, the feud between Kandhas, a scheduled Tribe, and Panas, a scheduled caste, led to violence. Both were entitled to reservation under the Constitution. However a large number of Panas had converted to Christianity but they still wanted to avail reservation benefits. "In substance, the clash between the Panas and Kandhas is a socio-economic issue especially over land rights coupled with issue of organised conversion," he said, but the Centre was either blaming the State Government, and the BJP or some nationalist organisations.


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