Life takes a 'flight of fancy' in Ranjeeta's imageries

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New Delhi, Oct 3 (UNI) How is one to define abstracts like freedom, inner self, imagery and a free soul? Perhaps, as artist Ranjeeta Kant does. An air of liveliness and freedom surrounds her artwork, each a masterpiece in itself.

When everyone is talking about the destruction caused by man to nature, Ranjeeta in her work titled 'the preserver' has shown man as the preserver. "Everyday we talk about so much destruction being caused to the earth, but I believe there is some force which is still preserving everything,'' says Ranjeeta.

An exposition of importance of tranquility and introspection in life, Ranjeeta's work depicting flying seagulls, bobbing boats, and shadowy images and the serenity of a woman give away a symbolic and philosophical meaning.

Capturing various moods of the biologically superior sex, the artist has shown different feelings experienced by everybody in different facets of life. Paintings like 'The Fleeting Gaze', 'The Departure' show the feeling of humans in such times.

'The Germination' is yet another artwork that draws a parallel between a sapling and a human being, where both have to undertake a complete lifecycle where they may flourish or perish depending upon the environment they get.

One of the paintings called 'the flight of fancy' says it all, where the human being is not in the real world but a trans, a new boundless world, one realized during peak of meditation.

"My deep concern for environment gets reflected in my paintings, where the flowers are in full bloom, the bird, the fishes become human companion and not a mere prop. It depicts life in its natural setting and shows a harmonious coexistence of human being with flora and fauna," says Ranjeeta.

The palate of the artist is a myriad of colours consisting of turquoise, blue, green, Indian yellows, reds, oranges, golden and silver. However, turquoise, blue and green are the three prominent colours.

Where in some paintings, there are just shadows and light images, others in clear contrast are a plethora of hues of colours. One closer look at the paintings and there emerges a layer of colours which provide depth to the work. Ranjeeta's work comprises oil on canvas, colour on canvas and paper and acrylic on canvas.

The exhibition is on till October 5 at Chawla Art Gallery, Square One mall, Saket.

Interestingly, Ranjeeta has chosen not to name her show but to let each painting speak for itself.


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