When Russell Crowe played a dirty 'sneezing' prank on Leonardo Dicaprio

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Washington, Sept 30 : Aussie actor Russell Crowe has revealed all about the sneezing prank he pulled on his The Quick And The Dead co-star Leonardo Dicaprio.

Crowe, who owned up to the prank, said that he would repeatedly keep sneezing in front of the Titanic star, making him think that he was sneezing all over him.

"I'd wait until he was sitting in the make-up chair and I'd walk past him and go, 'Achew!' and squirt my atomizer, so little bits of fine mist would form on his face and he'd obviously assume it was mucus," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

DiCaprio also confessed that he thought Crowe was spraying him with his mucus every time he sneezed, and was relieved when he came to know that the sneezing antics in the make-up trailer were just a dirty practical joke.

"I'm really happy. That's been bothering me for a long time," DiCaprio said.

Crowe and DiCaprio were co-stars in The Quick And The Dead in 1995.


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