Anastacia's mom used to call her 'freak of nature'

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London, Sept 30 : American singer-songwriter Anastacia has revealed that her mother always called her a 'freak of nature' because she was different.

The singer, who was pictured looking very sexy in her new video 'I Can Feel You', also revealed that she had always lived her life her way.

"It's just because I was different," the Sun quoted her as explaining.

"I wore glasses, which wasn't very typical and my mum would always say, 'You beat your own drum, you're a freak of nature' but I always saw that as positive.

"I was just different and had my own thing," she said.

The singer told Attitude magazine that she felt 'honoured' to have had cancer, which she was cured off after being diagnosed in 2003, during a breast reduction operation.

The 'Left Outside Alone' singer further said that she had suffered from Crohn's Disease as a child, and had now been diagnosed with a heart condition.

"My diseases are moving up," she said.

"First it was Crohn's disease in the belly, then it was breast cancer and now the heart condition. Because listen, I'll always come with a new medical condition every album, so as not to let you down.

"I don't feel victimy because I've had all this. I feel honoured, I wear 'em as badges," she added.

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