The ten best ways to cure a broken heart revealed

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London, Sept 25 : Finding it hard to get over a break-up? Well, then all you need to do is follow these simple tips, for they will help put the spring back into your step.

Following are the ten best cures for a broken heart, reports the Independent.

1. Eat well

A diet high in complex cabs, omega-3 and vitamin C will boost your levels of serotonin, which helps fight fatigue and depression.

2. Go for a walk

A good walk in the fresh air can help clear the mind.

3. Spa retreat

It's a great way to relax your mind and work away any pent-up tension.

. Plan a holiday

Pack your bag and take yourself on the trip of a lifetime.

5. Exercise

Exercise can help release endorphins in the body. These are the very same chemicals released in the body at the point of orgasm, which give that feeling of euphoria.

6. Clear the clutter

Getting rid of those old love-notes and cosy photos is extremely cathartic.

7. Learn a language

Learning a new language is a great way of meeting new people and broadening your horizons, as well as helping you out of a mental rut.

8. Write it down

Writing down your thoughts on paper is a great way of working through emotions.

9. Chocolate

Chocolate is a true 'positive indulgence'.

10. New outfit

A new outfit can give you a new lease of life, at least in the short term.

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