Devotees rush to see "tearful goddess Durga" in Patna

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Patna, Sep 25 (UNI) Thousands of devotees from all walks of life rushed to a local temple here this evening to have a glimpse of 'tears trickling down from the eyes of goddess Durga'.

As the news spread like wild fire, thousands of devotees, mostly women, rushed to the temple situated at Chakaram locality in the heart of the city, to have a glimpse of what they felt as the ''rarest of the rares supernatural phenomena''.

Seeing such a large gathering at the temple as more and more people continued to gather, some local youths took up the mantle of volunteers and forced them to form queues to enable them to offer obesiance to the Goddess.

Eighty-five--year old Munni Devi was one of the devotees who travelled more than ten km from the other end of the city to have first hand experience of the ''divine phenomenon''. She said the incident was only an indication of the end of ''Kaliyug'' or might even signal the arrival of dooms day.

However, some others felt it was an ''expression of distress'' of the Goddess Durga over the incidents of largescale injustice being meted out to the poor and weaker sections of the society.

Though the exact reeason behind this phenomena might not ever be scientifically explained other than believing that it was only a reflection of light on the idol of the goddess which created an illusion of tears, but for thousands of people who visited the temple it was the reflection of sadness of the Goddess whose annual journey to the earth is only about a week away.


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