David Blaine survives 44 feet high 'Dive of Death'!

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London, September 25 : American world-record holding magician David Blaine has survived the 44-feet 'Dive of Death' - a 60-hour stunt of hanging upside down in Central Park.

While suspending himself from a cable attached to a huge structure, Blaine interacted with fans across the country, cautioning them with 'do not try this at home' disclaimers, reports the Mirror.

Meanwhile, he took short-minute breaks in between for water and medical checks-ups during which he was upright.

As a grand finale, the showman, after ending his suspension, plunged around 44 feet and disappeared into the dark sky.

The spectacular stunt was recorded on a national two-hour telecast and was the most recent amongst his string of public stunts in New York.

Blaine claimed that his stunt got easier after his body adapted itself to the initial hours of suspension.

The 35-year-old performer even signed autographs, took pictures and amused the crowd with card tricks while he was hanging in the air.

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