Dolly Parton sleeps in her make-up!

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Washington, Sept 23 : Dolly Parton has revealed that when ever she's staying in New York or Los Angeles, she sleeps fully made-up and with her wig by her bed - so she'll always look good in case there's a hotel evacuation.

The country queen fears she'll be left out in the street looking awful if a fire or an earthquake forces her out of her hotel room.

"I sleep in my make-up... I never know, if I'm in a high-rise building, if the building is gonna catch on fire or if I'm in an earthquake, and I just can't imagine, like, having to get out just looking awful," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

"I take my make-up off the next morning and put on new make-up.

"I don't wanna get out in the street... I don't wanna get arrested for indecent exposure: 'Oh my God, did you see Dolly? She was like hammered snot,'" she added.

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