Temples in knee-deep flood waters,yet priests perfom rituals

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Kendrapada, Sep 22 (UNI) Hundreds of temples in this coastal region have been submerged in the flood waters, yet the priests have made it a point to ensure that the deities are not neglected in their daily rituals.

During a visit to places like Shyamsundarpur, Narayanpur, Bagada, Tunupur, Jutiala, Bedari, Nankar, Karilopatana, Kalapada, one would come across the priests, who either by ferrying in the makeshift raft or entering in the chest deep water have come to the temples submerged in the flood water to observe the daily rites and rituals of the presiding deities.

More than six lakh marooned people still repose their unflinching trust and belief in the Almighty and pin their hopes that the village presiding deity will help improve the flood situation.

Though the rituals and rites of the God were only a symbolic observance in the sanctum sanctorum in the current situation but they have to carry on the rites everyday as there is a belief that unworshipped God might bring further misery to the river side villages.

Driven by sheer religious sentiments, the villagers of Shyamsundarpur ferried across the makeshift rafts on the flood water to offer and observe the Monday rituals of the Lord Siva in his abode, a local priest said.


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