Britons spell 'Chinise' for 'Chinese', 'restaurant' for 'restraunt'!

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London, Sept 17 : Searching simple words like 'Chinese' or 'restaurant' in the dictionary can be a cumbersome task for Britons, all thanks to their 'lack' of knowledge of spellings.

According to the Yellow Pages online service, almost 12 per cent of people in UK fail to pronounce 'restaurant' correctly, and go for weird variations like 'restauraunt', 'restauraunts', 'restaurent', reports Telegraph.

And a massive 10 per cent of users type 'Chineese' or 'Chinise' in the search engine, when they want to look for Chinese.

Hungry People entered almost 23 variations of the word when they wanted to look for somewhere to eat.

Those searching for a 'soliciter' to deal with their disgruntled 'electitian' were also in for a bad deal.

The survey has inadvertently proved that Britain is far from perfect at spelling.'s full list of the most commonly miss spelt words is:

1) Orthodontist (orthadontist, orthodentist)

2) Restaurant (restauraunt, restauraunts, restaurent)

3) Chinese (Chineese, Chines, chinease, chineses)

4) Satellite (Satelite, satalite)

5) Electrician (Electrican, electicians, electrcian)

6) Chiropodist (Chiropidist, chiropadist)

7) Recruitment (Recriutment , recrutment)

8) Solicitors (Solictors, solcitors)

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