Meet the parrot who politely tells you to f*** off!

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London, Sept 15 : An African Grey parrot's filthy accent is leaving the zoo visitors go red in the face, as it tells them to "f*** off."

The previous owner had donated the parrot named Max, after he was fed up with his chatter.

The five-year-old bird also mimics car alarms, and mobile phone ring tones.

Keeper Peter Hansom at South Park birdhouse in Darlington, Co Durham, blamed local school-children for teaching Max the obscenity.

"He's a bright chap and easily picked it up. There's no knowing when he'll blurt it out. I hold my breath when parents stand with small children at his cage," The Sun quoted him as saying.

"Sometimes he will just say 'hello' or 'bye' but as often as not it's 'f*** off'.

"It's usually when people are walking away and least expect it.

"His favourite trick is to stick his head in a tin cup in his cage and then swear. He seems to know it makes a louder sound," he added.

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