Blogger credited with propelling Palin to Republican nomination

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Washington, Sept.15 : Sarah Palin may need to thank a student blogger and conservative political buff for her selection as the Republican vice-presidential nominee.

In April 2007, just four months after Palin started her role as the Governor of Alaska, Adam Brickley founded a website, Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President, from his bedroom in his mother's house, reports The Telegraph.

On the night she was selected by McCain in late August, Palin rang Brickley, 21, to thank him for his support and "tenacity".

Brickley, who graduated this summer from the University of Colorado, said: "We think we had some impact but we can't measure it exactly. We were certainly able to channel the discussion."

Brickley, who has never met Palin nor been to Alaska, spotted Palin's potential as he surfed the Internet for information about potential Republican vice-presidents.

Other bloggers and then the mainstream media soon picked up his blog, where he goes by the name "ElephantMan".

By June it was receiving 5,000 hits a day.

A favourable article on Mrs Palin in the Weekly Standard by Fred Barnes, an influential Right-wing columnist, in July 2007 is seen as a key development.

"Now this is cool!" Brickley wrote then on his blog.

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