Palin a "threat" to left wing feminists, Obama's bid for presidency

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Washington, Sep 13 : Former US House speaker Newt Gingrich has said that Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin represents a "threat" to modern feminism and to Barack Obama's quest for the presidency, and that is why the "elite media" is trying to tear her down.

"Governor Palin violates every norm they have: She is tough, she is smart, she is articulate, she is happy, she has five kids, she has a very hardworking husband who is a union member, she is an NRA life member, she actually goes to church and prays," he said.

Speaking to about 1,500 Christian conservatives at a "Value Votes Summit" hosted by the Family Research Council, Gingrich said that "if the person I just described can survive as a national figure, she has shattered the ability of left wing feminists to define legitimate behavior by women."

Gingrich also said that Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama committed "the biggest political mistake of his career" by choosing not to add Hillary Clinton as his running mate, and that Palin's selection by Republican nominee John McCain had stolen the Democrat's thunder.

"Had he shown that he was strong enough to have both Bill Clinton and Hillary with him without being intimidated ... he would have had a ticket that would have been hard for us to beat. But he didn't. He flinched," the Washington Times quoted Gingrich, as saying.

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