Why Jaadu ki Jhappi is a soother ?

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London, Sep 12 (UNI) Sanju Baba's Jaadu ki jhappi made wonders, but the reason behind it seems to be unlocked by scientists.

Scientists have explained the reason why we feel better when someone cuddles us when we are feeling low. According to them, hugging and touching create pleasure fibres, making us feel good.

Recent research has shown that our skin is teeming with nerve fibres which spring into action when we are cuddled, stroked or gently touched.

They transmit the information back to the brain's emotional hub, creating feelings of pleasure. Activation of these 'pleasure fibres', or C-fibres, stops other fibres from delivering messages of pain to the brain, the study found.

The Swedish research elaborated that when skin is heated to a temperature that makes us say 'Ouch', the pain can be lessened if you are stroked gently with a brush.

This could explain why parents instinctively cuddle a child who has fallen over or offer to kiss a bruise better.

Even a comforting hand on the shoulder in times of crisis has its origins in the biology of touch, the British Association's Festival of Science, in Liverpool, heard.

Professor Francis McGlone, of food and beauty firm Unilever, whose team discovered the C-fibres, said hugging and grooming such as brushing our hair, all play an important part in making us feel good.

''There is research showing that if you touch a patient when you are giving them bad news it makes a lot of difference'' the Dailymail quoted him as saying.


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