Rajnath questions right of 'minority Govt to bind nation on nuclear

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Bangalore, Sep 12 (UNI) BJP President Rajnath Singh today strongly questioned the moral right of the 'minority' UPA regime to commit the country to an internatinoal treaty like the Indo-US nuclear deal and accused the government of converting unilateral moratorium on the conduct of nuclear test to a multilateral international commitment.

Addressing the inaugural session of the three-day BJP Executive, Mr Singh asked if the minority government has any moral right to commit the country to an international treaty concerning national security and sovereignty. The revelations by US President George Bush through his letter to Foreign Relations Committee had shown that the oncealing of facts on the Indo-US nuclear deal was done not by the US, but the government of India.

The revelations had only vindicated the apprehensions of the BJP that the country's nuclear sovereingty had been undermined by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who had misled the people, political parties and the nation, he added.

He said it was now clear from the US that there was no legal binding on the nuclear suppliers to provide 'assured fuel supply' to India, but only a political assurance. India must now ponder what the deal would mean for the country.

"India's testing options appear to have been eliminated and there is no legally binding agreement on assured fuel supply. Does this deal mean different to different people as it is intended to be breached by more powerful party to the deal," he noted.

Mr Singh said there were many reasons for opposing the nuclear deal in the background of a news broken by a Chinese newspaper claiming that China did not intend to limit its nuclear power and hinting that the country may conduct further nuclear tests, If this is the thinking in China that India is surrendering its right to conduct nuclear tests it would be dangerous for the country. It would adversely affect autonomy and decision making process of the country.

"If China conducts nuclear tests that could tilt the regional strategic balance it will not seriously compromise India's interests," Mr Singh asked.

The party said that the BJP's opposition to the deal was different from that of the Left parties. The BJP was for having nuclear and polticial relations with the US and the NSG countries and the opposition was limited to unbalanced provisions in the deal that endangered nuclear sovereignty, he said.

The BJP, which had been threatening to 'renegotiate' the Indo-US nuclear deal if voted to power in the Lok Sabha elections has been avoiding to repeat their threats, the party has been scaling down to a muted resistance after the NSG gave its approval for India specific waiver at Vienna.

Mr Singh accused the 'minority' UPA government of losing faith in Parliament by skipping the Monsoon session of Parliament probably creating a precedence.

The Government may have won the Confidence Vote using note-tantra', but it has shaken the very basis of parliamentary democracy, he remarked.

The manner in which the government attempted to shut eyes to the events witnessed by the entire country demonstrated 'shameless manner' in which it functioned. "People will punish when they go before the people's court," Mr Singh noted.


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