Former Kuwaiti minister slams Bin Laden

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Dubai, Sep 12 (UNI) The former Kuwaiti Minister of Oil Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli has slammed Bin Laden on the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 US terror bombings, asking him what the Muslim community has gained from the senseless attacks.

"We should ask Bin Laden and his followers, including MPs, those claiming to be Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) experts with extremist ideologies, and recruiters of suicide bombers in Kuwait to present a report on the profits and losses the Arab and Islamic world incurred from the 9/11 attacks," he said in a hard hitting write up in the Arab Times.

In the write up titled "Tell us Laden, What was gained?", he pointed out that in international conferences and through the media, the Americans blamed all the Muslims and Arabs for the loss of innocent lives during the attack.

"However, the Muslims and Arabs repeatedly denied al-Qaeda's involvement in this heinous crime, pointing out how Christians and Jews have continued to malign Muslims," he said.

"We have seen how the father of Mohamed Atta one of the suicide bombers during the 9/11 attack denied his son's involvement in the crime. Through the security cameras at the airport, we saw Mohamed Atta heading to the airport to carry out the horrible act after consuming alcohol.

"Immediately after the attack, Bin Laden came out feeling proud of the crime, which led to the loss of billions of assets not only of the Arab and Islamic jurisprudence, but the whole world as well. The only positive aftermath of the attack is the ouster of 'criminal' regimes such as the Taleban and Saddam Hussein while the Arab and Islamic world have continued to suffer from the negative consequences for several decades," he added.

It would be rare that moderate Islamic leaders come out so strongly and openly against Laden here, he underlined.


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