McCain-Palin focus on gut feelings rather than issues could be dangerous: Critics

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New York, Sept.10 : The selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate has ensured a two-point lead for Republican presidential nominee for Senator John McCain over Democratic rival Barack Obama, according to a new CBS poll.

But there is another side to this story. The Republicans are seeking to project the view that this year's presidential elections will not be about issues, but about Americans voting on the basis of gut instinct, a view Democrats and others would be shy of accepting.

Considering the big challenges the country faces - two wars and a wobbly economy, for starters, critics of the view that personalities will matter more than policies, warn that this is a dangerous trend that should not be encouraged.

They say that the allure of even the most compelling - or unorthodox - life story can fade, and then the question might arise: Where's the beef?

The McCain campaign is betting its best chance to win is by aiming for the gut, not the heads, of voters, says a CBS report.

McCain's strategists hope to leave an impression on American minds that is unmistakable. McCain is the war hero. Palin is the Every-mom. And together, they will rattle Washington.

To win, McCain advisers believe the Republican nominee must distance himself from Bush and even his own party. That isn't easy work.

While Obama is busy soft-selling the change portion of his campaign at his convention, McCain is busy stealing it - and busy downplaying the sort of issue-by-issue laundry list Obama delivered in his State of the Union-like acceptance speech.

McCain is not a policy wonk, but he's much stronger on the nitty-gritty substance of governing only as it relates to his sense of political honor

This new approach allows both McCain and Palin to play to their strengths. They both have arresting stories to tell. Not only are they strong in their own right, but the narratives stack up especially well against their opposition.

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