Engineer develops digital acupuncture scanner

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Bangalore, Sep 10 (UNI) The digital acupuncture scanner developed by a city-based engineer is set to become a big boon in providing effective healthcare services with great ease and few visits.

Dr R Ramesh, a mechanical engineer, told UNI that he developed the instrument two years ago taking a cue from earlier developments and conducted experiments on more than 500 patients with a good feedback in diagnosing their health problems with accuracy.

The procedure of electronic evaluation of the meridian system involves in skin conductance at the yuan or source points of the wrist and ankle, he said.

Masters of acupuncture are known to palpate the 12 pulse positions for as long as 30 minutes per wrist in selected cases, while electronic evaluation of the 12 yuan points takes place less than two minutes regardless of the complicataions involved.

When one finds an elevated or deficient meridian point, the treatment approach is to specifically tonify or sedate the acupuncture points known to replenish or deplete vital energy, he said.

''The instrument has the ability to perform a detailed measurements of wind, fire, heat, dampness, dryness and coldness energies in the 12 channels located on either side of the body,'' Dr Ramesh informed .

He added the traditional Chinese pulse reading performed on the wrist reveales the 12 points without knowing which of the left or right to balance them.

''Acupuncturists can get a complete information on both meridians bilatarally, which otherwise could be impossible in conventional methods, thereby reducing the number of sittings and number of needles.'' The pulse measurement done manually is difficult to master by present acupuncture doctors and requires years of practice in diagnosing disturbances in meridians of vital organs, he said.

He calimed the kind of information revealed by this instrument is impossible with manual pulse scan which takes more time and is difficult to master besides confusing at times.

The instrument is of great help to 'chiropractors, yoga treatments, Sujok, ear acupuncturists, homoeopaths and other alternative therapistsm,' he said.

In 1951, Dr Yoshio Natakani had developed this method of examining the meridian system of the body through electronic measurements, he said, adding the reinvented instrument was far more superior to the earlier one.

''The instrument also provides for a deep scanning of each of the energy channels for five elements in cases where there is more complications,'' he said.

One of the most significant discoveries of this method was the discovery of split meridian, which had never before been seen or described in the histoy of acupuntcure.

From the scans of different patients it can be construed that as many as 15 patients can be scanned and their reports and prescriptions handed over to them in one hour which cannot be managed by the conventional methods, he added.

Dr Ramesh said that he has been invited to present his latest invention at the world conferance organised by the Indian Holistic Medicines Academy in the city to be held from September 12.


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