Scientists to create Big-Bang to understand universe

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Geneva, Sep 9: Big-Bang thoery on Earth by scientists. Yes, the CERN Research Centre (Geneva based lab) will create the Big-bang effect from Wednesday, Sep 10. This 6.4 billion euros ($9.2 billion) project will turn up many surprises about the universe and its origins. It may help us to understand better our universe. The experiment is to be coducted inside a 27-km tunnel deep beneath the French-Swiss border.

Scientists plan to smash particle beams in one direction at close to the speed of light inside CERN's tightly-sealed Large Hadron Collider to create multiple mini-versions of the primeval Big Bang, which occurred about 13.7 billion years ago and led to formation of stars, planets and eventually to life on earth. They will even hope to detect evidence of extra dimensions, invisible 'dark matter' and an elusive particle called the 'Higgs boson'.

People fear this experiment may create black holes, which may gobble up the whole planet in future. Reacting to the fear of 'black holes', CERN scientists said 'they would be miniscule and incapable of spreading'. A safety review by scientists at CERN and in the United States and Russia, issued at the weekend, rejected the prospect of such outcomes.

The experiment is set to begin at 12:30 (IST) on September 10.

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