Meet the dog that swallowed its owners cell phone!

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London, Sept 9 : A dog that swallowed its owner's mobile phone had to undergo a surgery costing 420 pounds to get it removed.

Nero, a Doberman-Great Dane crossbreed, had snatched the Nokia mobile phone from 67-year-old Marie Matthews' hand, and swallowed it as he was being feed by her daughter, Driekie Boojens.

"My daughter screamed terribly because we were scared that Nero would die," the Telegraph quoted Matthews as recalling.

The family immediately took Nero to a local animal clinic, where the mobile was spotted in his tummy through an x-ray.

"We were very worried. I couldn't stop crying," said Marie.

Nero had to have a major operation, which left him with a large scar and ten stitches on his belly.

Matthews and her husband Archie, 72, recalled that the cell phone was not the only thing that was in the dog's tummy.

"They not only found the cellphone, but also a lot of stones," she added.

Even though the couple had to throw away the phone because it had stopped working, they are happy that their pet is alright and back home.

"He is my life, like one of my children," said Marie.

Her husband Archie said Nero was "almost normal".

The dog, who will turn 12 in November, has heart problems according to the couple's grandson, Dyllan Armstrong, 13.

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