Indo-US nuclear deal: Next step US Congress

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New Delhi, Sep 7: All leaps and bounds on Indo-US nuclear deal is over. NSG approved waiver on Saturday, Sep 6 ending India's 34-years of isolation and heralding in the era of global nuclear commerce. Now its US Congress's turn. All eyes are on Washington DC now as the US congress is set to meet on Monday, Sep 8. The Congress should approve the indo-us nuclear deal one last time to bring it to effect.

Although Congressional leaders say the agreement needs to circulate in the house for a mandatory 30-day period before it can be taken up for vote, the Bush administration is expected to find ways to work around this problem. The US Congress is scheduled to be in session from September 8 to September 26, even as electioneering picks up across the country. It is also likely that Congress will return for a 'lame-duck' session in December.

Washington's hardline non-proliferation constituency is expected to raise more strenuous objections as the deal makes it final journey through the US Congress.

Sources says that Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh is likely to visit Washington DC for just a day on Sep 26 for the conclusion of the deal, once the US congress gives its final approval in its session startion on Monday, Sep 8.

The crucial waiver will now allow India to generate higher percentage of electricity using nucleat power reactors. This also opens up the prospect of reducing energy production deficit through builidng more power reactors. The N-deal also includes reasearch, development, design and use of nuclear reactors.

With the deal going into the next stage, India has assured a moratorium on testing. Any future tests would mean nuclear supplies being cut off. India will also not be able to stockpile fuel reserves. And equally important is that US now can seek return of nuclear fuel and technology whenever it wishes to do so.

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