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Shimoga, Sep 6: Noted Kannada and English Critic Dr C N Ramachandran on Saturday Sep 6 called upon the Indian Universities to give more stress on compiling the authoritative and annotative Bibliography of already submitted Ph.D. Thesis and M.Phil.

Dissertations so that public can understand the on going research activities in the country.

Speaking after inaugurating a one-day state level UGC sponsored Seminar on 'Deadlock of Kannada Literature in 21st century' organized by Kamala Nehru Women's College here, he said that without research no language can be developed. So far about 5000 such thesis have been submitted to the Universities in the state. Even Universities also not giving priority to such activities.

Dr Ramachandran said that the government should provide Computer with internet facilities to each Grama Panchayat and school students should have access to it at a 'free of Cost' basis to gain the day to day knowledge.

Expressing his deep concern over the negligence of Autonomous Educational Institutions in the state, he said that Kannada language is not being taught as an optional subject in these institution and it will become a main reason for vanish of Kannada language in the state. Without teaching Kannada language as one of the Optional subject in colleges, Kannada language and literature will not survive.

Regarding the introduction of a Language in School Curricula, he said that it is the option of the particular student to opt a language which is liked by him or her from 5th standard onwards.

But it is not the duty of the parents to choose the language for their children.

With regard to the present crisis over the introduction of English language in School level, Dr Ramachandran said that English should be taught as a language but not as a medium.

He opined that government is not deciding authority of the position of Kannada language in the state. It is not the government to urge the centre to give Classical Language place for Kannada.

But it is the duty of all Kannada lovers to urge the centre to give Classical status to Kannada language.


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