Koda on way to publishing new book, role of Independents

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Ranchi, Sep 5 (UNI) "Mercilessly" attacked both in and outside the Assembly, the Independent MLAs have inspired a record maker legislator of Jharkhand to script his feelings in the form of a book.

After treading power corridor of the secretariat for a record 23 months as the Chief Minister despite being an Independent, Madhu Koda now is seriously writing a book, yet to be named, which he expects to see the light soon.

Koda says he is often delighted to see the reactions of the Opposition as well as by some within the ruling allies that Independent, termed by many as useless without commitment, has been a key to formation of governments in the state.

So, it did not take him much time to conceive the theme of his second book, the first being the 'Sapnon Ki Raha Par' (On the Path of Dreams)--which was published after he became the chief minister.

'' As an Independent CM, the vision I had in terms of economic development, means to improve on social measures and experience during close to two years, the book would depict both positive and negative components of my tackling them.'' Asked what was the toughest or most critical moment during his chief minstership, Koda says dealing with political parties to reach a consensus had been a concern, but "distribution of portfolios" was the toughest job "I had to accomplish".

" You do not become chief minister again and again (meaning as an Independent) and I kept recording my experience from past few months whenever I get time," Koda says.

" Allocating portfolios was a tough job keeping in consideration the coalition nature, but I tried to see that justice is done at the same time keeping all in good humour." The former CM did not give in details about the formula he devised saying sopmething should be kept as secret for the readers to find.

Koda who led the UPA, resigned last month paving way for Shibu Soren to take the reign.

He, however, felt proud that "Guruji" (Soren) did not have to work hard to distribute the portfolios as the council of ministers comprised almost all and that too with same departments.

Koda says it will be interesting to see the skill of his predecessor to run with the ruling coalition enjoying a wafer-thin majority in the 82-member House in which Independents are crucial to his survival.

Koda ruled Jharkhand with the support of major political parties ---the JMM, Congress and RJD.

"I am an Independent MLA and feel that I am equally responsible to people...people voted me to power with hope of making their dream materialise...so it is baseless to term us useless", Koda says making a counter-attack on critics.

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