Archaeologists find unique 7000-year-old statue in Czech Republic

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New Delhi, September 5 : Archaeologists have discovered a torso of a unique female statue created about 7,000 years ago near Masovice, south of the Czech Republic.

This is the second similar find in this locality, according to the Czech news agency CTK.

According to Zdenek Cizmar, head of the archaeological research, the woman's statue found in the area last summer was given the name "Hedvika of Masovice," while "her sister" is called Johanka, according to the female names in the calendar on the days when the artifacts were found.

"Though the statues come from the same period, each of them is different and exceptional," Cizmar said.

Both sculptures, created by people of the Moravian Painted Ceramic culture, probably served as idols, symbolizing life and fertility.

The lower part of the half-a-meter tall "Hedvika" statue is the oldest sculpture of such a large size found in central Europe.

The torso of "Johanka," measuring "mere" 35 centimeters, consists of four fragments of the body that were put together.

The legs are missing.

Masovice is a significant archaeological site where remains of prehistoric settlements as well as a high number of artifacts have been found.

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