RSS pats Mamata for exposing Marxist hypocrisy on Nano issue

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New Delhi, Aug 30 (UNI) Delighted at the discomfiture of West Bengal Chief Minister Buddadeb Bhattacharjee vis-a-vis the Marxist bosses, threatening the very existance of Nano project in the Communist bastion, the RSS today hailed the role of Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee in exposing the 'hypocrisy' of the Marxists.

In its editorial comment in 'Organiser', the RSS mouthpiece, the party said ''but for Ms Banerjee's spirited agitation in Nandigram and Singur, the CPI(M) would have got away with murder''.

The land acquisition was arbitrary, brutal and inhuman, the RSS said in the editorial titled ''CPI(M) gets a taste of its jam''.

The CPI(M) leaders were bluffing all these days that the land was taken with the consent of the people. It was 'opaque, authoritarian', the paper said.

In the editorial, obviously written before the party 'censured' the CM who chose to express his regrets for speaking against bandhs, the paper observed that there were not many in the country who sympathise with the Marxist leader in his new-found enthusiasm for the Tata car factory.

The Nano car had undoubtedly caught the imagination of Indian middle class and many states in the country were eager to have a share in this historic venture.

The agitation even in Singur was not against Tatas or the Special Economic Zones and Ms Banerjee and the agitating farmers were not opposed to industrialisation. There is a realisation in the Left Front that there is a need to bring in a 'paradigm shift' in West Bengal and the CM was only attempting to capitalise on the craving for progress and change.

However he underestimated the forces of negativism, his party had unleashed in the society over the last three decades as it was everywhere identified with melancholic demons of darkness, negation, destruction, unemployment and agitation, the paper said. Today when the West Bengal Chief Minister speaks against bandhs, his party comrades caught in a time wrap promoting antediluvian values in politics, were seeking an explanation.

With even Mr Bhattacharjee's Kerala counterpart joining hands with the CPI(M), the party was divided in two camps and the two states had no development story worth talking about, the paper observed.


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