Nainital women giving Chinese goods a fight

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Nainital (Uttarakhand), Aug.26 : In Nainital, the cheap Chinese goods that have flooded the markets in recent years are receiving a tough competition.

Led by one Nirmala Shah, the neighbourhood women here have prepared such attractive candles that they have become a challenge to the Chinese candles' popularity. The local candles are both attractive and cheap.

Sold under the brand name 'Anmol' (the invaluable), these candles come in different varieties, shapes and sizes. Aromatic, perfumed and non-perfumed, these varieties come in a different price range and are cheaper than the Chinese candles.

"Our family members are involved into making these candles and some of our neighbours have joined us. We sell these candles in the shop that is owned by my husband. We also send our products to Delhi and many other places," said Nirmala Shah, Manager, Anmol Candles.

The candles made and sold by Nirmala Shah can be used for decorative as well as lighting purposes.

Residents believe that the local cottage industry candles are of a better quality than the Chinese ones. Their shapes are more attractive than the Chinese ones, which could only be used as showpieces.

"These local candles are of good quality and can be used as showpieces as well as for lighting while the Chinese candles can only be used as showpieces," said Rajeev, a local consumer of Nainital.

Anmol candles, are available in shapes of animals, ice cream cones, fruits and trees, are beautifully carved.

"We have come from Maharashtra and we have liked these candles. Candles in the shape of ice creams, fruits, Santa Claus and flowers look real," said Sunanda, a Maharashtrian tourist.

For over a decade, Chinese candles were in high demand in the markets here and other places of the Uttarakhand. The Chinese products had affected the Indian cottage industry manufacturing candles.

'Anmol' is holding a candle to women elsewhere in India. By Vibhav Porov

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