30 counts against Anand Jon dropped

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Los Angeles, Aug 26 : The legal team of Indian fashion designer Anand Jon's has confirmed that the 30 counts - including almost all rape charges - against him have been dropped by the prosecuting agency.

According to a source, 10 prosecution witnesses have also been dropped.

Jon has been in LA County jail for past 15 months due to legal gridlock as New York has refused to grant him a bail hearing.

Recently, the lead detective in Jon's criminal case was questioned by the judge on withholding evidence for 11 months.

Detective Elwell had been in possession of illegally retrieved attorney-client privileged information.

As per court documents, the evidence was obtained by hacking into the defence's computers thus compromising defence strategy.

Meanwhile, Jon's sister Sanjana has revealed her brother's ordeal.

"He is waiting to take this to trial and bring out the truth- the fact of the matter is that they have tried their best to keep us from defending this case-by sending the same girls to Texas to file-then to NY- its a travelling circus that brought their own tickets and followed him from state to state and claim something happened in every state-the way they manipulated the system and gridlocked us into a no bail situation is terrible and against the US constitution which states every person has the right to a reasonable bail- why are we being denied that," she said.

"Worldwide the basic law is innocent until proven otherwise. Why is he in jail-in solitary confinement in a cage- brought out only in chains and shackles and chained to the wall- he does not have any history of violence so why this inhuman treatment for 8 months now," she added.

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