Clinton praises Obama's choice of Biden

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Washington, Aug 25 : Hillary Clinton, the New York Senator, praised Barack Obama's choice of Delaware Senator Joe Biden as the Democrat Vice Presidential candidate.

Clinton was responding to Republican candidate John McCain's campaign that looked to exploit Obama's selection of Biden over Clinton as his running mate.

As quoted in the CBS News/New York Times poll released Sunday, 42 percent of the delegates originally pledged to Clinton said they will vote for her on the convention's presidential roll call. Fewer than half were enthusiastic about Obama's nomination.

John McCain's campaign looked to exploit that dissatisfaction in a new ad, "Passed Over," that suggested Obama selected Biden over Clinton as his running mate because the New York senator spoke the truth about Obama's shortcomings.

She responded to the McCain ad in a statement by her spokesman noting that she and Obama share a commitment of changing the direction of the country, that is, to get out of Iraq and expand access to health care.

Clinton further added that McCain did not share the Democrats' commitment.

In an effort to press party unity, Clinton is expected to formally release her delegates to Obama on Wednesday.

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