Deodhani festival begins at Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati

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By Peter Alex Todd

Guwahati, Aug 22 : A large number of devotees from various parts of India and abroad are arriving in Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati to celebrate the Deodhani festival.

The temple situated atop Nilachal hills, is dedicated to goddess Kamakhya, consort of Lord Shiva. The temple is considered the principle seat of the Hindu cult of Shakti.

Some of the devotees go through a month long preparatory phase wherein they are not allowed to meet their families and have to stay in the temple premises with the photo of the deity they want to represent.

The participants also take 'diksha' (knowledge) from their gurus during this period.

It is believed that after a month, the person acquires a spiritual power wherein his looks and behavior changes and he gets the divine power to predict future.

"This festival is to offer prayers to Mansha Devi. For six months, we pray to Mansha Devi and for the other six months, we pray to Devi Durga. Debadini Mela is held during which we pray to goddess Mansha to appreciate her strength and seek blessings," said Subodh Adhikari, a priest.

It is believed that by taking part in this festival goddess Kamakhya fulfills the wishes of the devotees.

"We heard about this festival in Dubai. We came to know that whatever you wish here is fulfilled. So we came here to pray, said Rakesh Kumar Bajaj, a devotee.

Kamakhaya Temple holds great value for the Hindus. Kamakhya means "She who is the form of desire," and it is believe that the Goddess Kamakhya resides here in form of a stone.

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