Christian Bale credits his acting skills to horses

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Tokyo, Aug 21 : Welsh-born English actor Christian Bale says that the credit for his acting abilities goes to horses, for he honed his techniques by watching them. Bale, noted for his self-confidence in the way he moves and handles himself, ascribes part of this ease and gracefulness to horsemanship.

"I love horses. I've learned from them. Just watch how a horse walks. It does it without self-consciousness," The Japan Times Online quoted him as saying.

"I've seen so much, so much human self-consciousness, since an early age, in this business of acting. In truth, actors are possibly the most self-conscious people on Earth.

"But watching horses, and riding horses, I've learned a lot about nature. About being natural. Once you master a horse - but it also masters you - you gain more confidence in yourself.

"A horse is, after all, a pretty large animal. When you can mount it and move it and move along with it, that is a hard-won and very real accomplishment.

"It involves posture and coordination, respect for the animal, also timing, and esteem for yourself, cooperation, and a flow and a rhythm that's rather Zen-like," he said.

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