News of Goody's cervical cancer shocks critics

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London, Aug 19 (UNI) The news that Jade Goody, mother of two and the Reality TV star, had been diagnosed with cervical cancer, shocked even her strongest critics who were outraged by her racist remarks hurled at Shilpa Shetty.

Goody was conveyed in the diary room of ''Bigg Boss'' in India the frightening report in an emotional phone call from her agent. This news was a blow for her as she had gone to India to appear in the Indian version of the ''Big Brother'', ironically with Shilpa Shetty as the presenter, and is said to have received 100,000 pounds for the show.

Goody believed that being in ''Bigg Boss'' was the best way to show repentance, although she apologised to the Indian community and Shilpa Shetty during a visit to Delhi last year.

''I am sorry for the hurt and pain that my actions caused,'' Goody told a televised press conference.

The last time she fainted earlier this month, she found that she had been bleeding. She was visited in hospital by ex-boyfriend Jack Tweed and son Freddie.

Goody, from Upshire, Essex, was tested for bowel cancer in 2006 and ovarian cancer in 2004, but was given the all-clear both times.

Goody, who admits taking extreme measures in the past to deal with weight problems, blames excessive use of slimming pills and laxatives for her health worries.

''I abused myself on slimming pills and ended up with low blood-clotting cells and became prone to miscarriages,'' she explains. ''When I abused myself on laxatives, my bowel stopped working on its own.'' Distraught, she tearfully told her housemates that she had to go.

Some said she was hysteric.

Her spokesman said, ''She went for hospital tests earlier this month and results have come back and she has cancer.'' This is the latest in a series of health scares after her third cancer scare.

Goody's publicist Max Clifford, noted for handling celebs and those who get swamped in notoriety like Rebecca Loos-- for alleged affair with David Beckham-- said, ''Jade has been having tests and the results came through which showed cervical cancer. Hopefully, they have caught it in the early stages. He added that her stint on Indian Big Brother was ''meant to be her chance to turn things around.'' Clifford added, ''We put the consultant in touch with the programme maker in India and because of the circumstances, was allowed to speak to her and explain the results of her tests.'' A close friend of her was reported saying, ''She was called into the Diary Room of Bigg Boss and spoke to her agent and then her consultant in the UK. She just burst into tears, ran out and said to housemates 'I have cancer'. Jade was then led out of the house.'' There was speculation here over whether the footage, showing her breaking the news would be aired in the UK. But the Sun said scenes showing Goody being told of her diagnosis were not broadcast at the time and will not be shown in India.

Her publicity spokesperson announced that she decided to take the first flight back and was expected to land in London by this evening. She will receive treatment near her home in Essex.


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